ACTIC / Ett Steg I Taget

Client — Actic, a leading chain of health clubs with ca 160 locations and over 210,000 members across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, and Austria

Assignments — Film production, sound, script, and concept

Brief  Training is important to Actic, but it’s not the most important thing. The gym chain has chosen to position itself on the market by excluding stress and pressure from its marketing and instead focusing on a healthy conversation about wellbeing and training. In a series of short films for social media, Actic wanted to demonstrate its understanding of the inexperienced gym-goer whose biggest challenge is getting to the gym at all.

Solution  Introducing Sigge! Sigge is a tired dad of small children who’s decided to go from couch to bench press. In a series of films, viewers can follow along as he explores and contemplates the scary world of the gym. The films use humor and a sense of recognition to show viewers a way to approach the world of exercise even in the face of insecurity and confusion. Together with Actic you too can have a healthier, stronger and more active life, one step at a time.