Client — ADITRO, one of the leading HR and finance solutions brands in the Nordics.

Assignments  New identity, a design of new app and website as well as implementation.

Brief — Aditro has a simple mission: to simplify admin processes so that employees can focus on what they’re really there to do. 40 years of working closely with clients to create innovative solutions have made Aditro the leading HR-administration company in the Nordic region. In connection with their digital transition, Aditro wanted to evolve their brand from a very technical identity into a more human tone and expression. They needed a new brand identity, a new homepage, lots of UX-design, and app-development.

Solution  Aditro now has a warm, playful and confidence-inspiring brand identity that is still firmly grounded in the technology heritage that the whole company is built on. During an intensive year of working both on-site directly with the client, and from the agency, we created and programmed a new identity, website, a digital brand book, and app. We kept the signature orange color that is so closely associated with the Aditro brand and added a complementary dark blue shade. And to refresh and challenge the old identity, we also added green, the easiest color for the eye to accept. Symbolically, green also signifies analysis, progressiveness and friendliness, three words which also perfectly sum up what the Aditro brand stands for. We also wanted all of the work roles who use Aditro, both employers, and employees, to be featured in the photos on the website.

In short, we were able to create a more complex and vibrant identity for Aditro that clearly reflects who they are, where they are going, and where they came from.