Brief – In 2019, Cloetta’s pick & mix brand CandyKing (Karamellkungen in Sweden) was in a rebranding process where they wanted to challenge their competitors, take the position as the market leader and become the brand that stands out in an otherwise generic industry. Therefore, they were looking for an agency that could develop a communication concept for the new brand design and a strategy for implementation in all their communication channels. SPLIT Stockholm won the procurement to become CandyKing’s official lead agency and developed an overall digital communication concept, a digital communication platform and strategy, together with a new website.

Solution – CandyKing went from being a brand that is neither seen nor heard, to becoming the most innovative, interesting and modern pick & mix brand on the market. We created a platform and a communication concept that positioned CandyKing as the brand that speaks to everyone, breaks boundaries and leads the industry forward. Daily, we ensured that CandyKing optimized its brand-building opportunities through campaigns, social media and retail channels. We developed their website for consumers and companies from the ground up and are currently in the process of applying the model to other markets to continue CandyKing’s journey towards becoming the leading pick & mix brand across Europe.

For CandyKings social media, we based all creative decisions on the data the followers shared with us and were thus able to optimize both the organic and paid content to increase engagement in all channels. Today, CandyKing’s paid campaigns on social media average over 5% in engagement rate. In the first six months after launch, we increased CandyKing’s engagement gain on Facebook and Instagram by 253%. During the same period, we also increased the follower base in the same channels by 11,1%. Their average engagement rate during the first six months landed at as high as 13,8%.