Client  Connected Senses, a training and rehab equipment start-up

Assignments Product development, project management. identity work, web design, app design and development

Brief  Connected Senses’ products help people recover from injuries in the most effective and gentle way, and help high-performing athletes reach their goals faster. Connected Senses’ measuring equipment works together with an app where the user can see and follow their progress over time. SPLIT Stockholm’s role was to find a graphic identity for the brand as well as UX-design for the app. The beta launch is planned for Q1 2019.

Solution  SPLIT Stockholm’s challenge was to strike the right balance between science and training.  Since the product is aimed at both professionals who will use the product in their work, and individuals who want to achieve better training results in a shorter time frame, we had to find a design which would appeal to both target groups.

The solution is a simple design with easily-accessible information, clear messaging, and a personal tone. The symbol used in the logo is up to the beholder to interpret. It could be a muscle, a hurdle on a track, several interconnected “senses”, or a runner in starting position.