Assignment — Concept, Music video and Album cover
Client — Universal

In the song “Du dansar som en idiot” (You’re dancing like an idiot”) Martin Masarov sings about how to dare to be yourself and have fun. The song is about daring to let go, let your guard down and dance, and be just like you want. This is something that Martin himself thinks is very attractive in a person.

The same message served as inspiration for the music video. Something that is ugly to oneself can be attractive to someone else. This was the basic idea for the music video where we make fun of different musical style stereotypes and made a parody of some famous music videos. The most talked about dance styles performed by all-time favorite artists and characters are seen in the music video with a little twist.

Director – Florian Dezfoulian
D.O.P – Michael Tomescu
2nd AC – Mathias Karpe
Art Director – Hanna Viklund
Producer – Mathilda Granbacka
Gaffer – Jonas Linde
Gaffer Assistant – Danni Cabaruvias
Stylist – Sara Bonab
MUA – Miia Magia
Hair – Sherin Forsgren
Choreographer – Lucas Carlsson
Dancer 1 – Susanna Sterner Jendi
Dancer 2 –Stina Andersson
Photographer – Mattias Huss
Colorist – Max Strömberg (SWISS)