Client — Gina Tricot, a Swedish fashion chain with 180 retail stores in five European countries.

Brief — There are lots of reasons to celebrate women. In connection with UN Women, Gina Tricot arranged the “Power Girl Awards” gala at Berns Hotel in Stockholm, to recognize and honor International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018. The Gala featured performances, awards ceremonies, VR-experiences, shopping and celebration. The event was open to everyone and SPLIT Stockholm’s job was to create films for social media to market ticket sales.

Solution — SPLIT created three dance tutorials together with production company Patriksson Communication. A sense of mystery and suspense was built up by not revealing what it was all about at once. Instead, hints were given in each film that something was happening, and only, in the end, was the gala announced. The tickets sold out.

For the gala itself, a VR-film was produced for the guests to experience using VR-glasses. Our film team was also there at the gala to produce a film of the event.