New Balance – 997H

Brief – Launching the 997H collection, including the shoe and tracksuits in unisex sizes, on the Scandinavian market.  

Solution – For the launch of the 997H collection, we created a localized campaign, inspired by the global concept. We did everything from strategy to implementation within PR, media planning and content production.

To maximize the impact of the campaign and to establish New Balance as the brand who empowers fearlessly independent individuals, we wanted young creative talents to take part in the creation of the campaign content. Thanks to our close connection to the Swedish music industry, we could easily find creative talents aligned with New Balance fearlessly independent concept. As our main creative profile, we chose Felix Sandman that together with Luana Kiara became the faces of the campaign. 

To extend the concept further, we produced mini film portraits of our creative profiles, where they talk about their artwork. This didn’t just only increase the reach of the campaign, but also expanded the penetration of the key target group. We also focused on seeding to local creatives with bigger and smaller social media accounts. In conjunction with the campaign content creation, we produced a music video for Felix Sandmans song “MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY”. Since he was the main creative profile of the campaign, he wore the 997H collection in the video. The set design is made by Josefin Eklund, a Swedish award-winning neon light artist.

All our paid media was referred to the campaign site at Sneakers Point. Through pixel integration, we continuously analyzed and optimized the campaign. We also supplied Sneakers Point with assets and production for shop placement and installations.