New Balance – Fresh Foam

Brief – Create a campaign for the Fresh Foam models, Vongo v4 and 1080 v9.

Solution – In conjunction with vacation times becoming routine in both exercise and everyday life, we took the opportunity to launch Vongo v4 and 1080 v9 within the New Balance Fresh Foam platform. The Fresh Foam concept includes shoes that deliver extra cushioning for comfort and stability mile after mile, whether you are in the gym or on the track.

We recruited both micro-influencer and personal trainer Michelle Stråhle together with Sweden’s biggest running sensation Suldan Hassan for the campaign. The result was two individual films where our profiles described their relationship with running, as well as a collection of still images. We also created conversion material in the form of GIFs with a clear product focus.

During this campaign we were also responsible for distribution. The campaign is in collaboration with Stadium.