Brief – Launch the new FuelCell shoe on the Scandinavian market.

Solution – For this launch we ran a social campaign in each country with an Instagram competition to engage the key target audience: runners. Participants were asked to share a photo with a caption answering the question “Why I run” to win an entry to the TCS NYC Marathon.

To further strengthen our connection with this target audience, we activated athletes Isabelle Pedersen in Norway, Lovisa Lindh and Suldan Hassan in Sweden, following them for a whole day of training and life. This was a local adaptation of a global communications concept to increase awareness on the local market.

The result was a film about each of the athletes’ “Road to the goal”, which captures the feeling of all the preparation, discipline and self motivation that is required to reach big goals. This was also the start of telling New Balance athletes’ individual stories, or “Independence Stories”, a story-telling concept that we have adapted and further developed for local markets.

Finally, we produced video and stills assets that were used for online advertising steering consumers to New Balance retail partners’ campaign pages. All key visuals for this campaign were developed locally, including a graphic profile that was used both digitally for campaign pages, and for POS materials and digital screens in store.