New Balance – GBG half

Brief – In the spring of 2019, it became official that New Balance would become the main sponsor of Göteborgsvarvet and the collaboration’s first race became the Half Marathon, which took place on May 18 of the same year. Running a half marathon is not something you do without support and preparation. Therefore, New Balance wanted to highlight and contribute to the running community and turned the Gothenburg Half Marathon into a big solidarity feast where people support, run and win together. The ambition was to create a context and a digital platform where fellowship, inspiration and knowledge would be available to the runners of Scandinavia 365 days a year.


Solution – We delivered an umbrella concept – Beyond the Race – where our strategy was to inspire and encourage runners to not only focus on the 21 097, 5 meters of the race consists of, but the whole experience around it. A half marathon starts at the moment you decide to do it and does not end until you reach the reward found on the other side of the finish line. It’s a race that goes on for months and New Balance joins the trip every meter, every day.

To enable Beyond the Race, we created, produced and distributed 21K Countdown. An activation concept that was distributed online via social media as well as a campaign page that we designed. The partner for this project was Boozt. We provided them with all the material they needed.