New Balance – Winter Running

Brief – Launch the New Balance Winter Running Collection, including the Fuel Cell trainer, to the Scandinavian market.

Solution – For the launch of the Winter Running Collection, we created a locally customized campaign with northern Sweden as the main inspiration. We worked all the way from strategy to campaign production and media planning.

The concept became NB Keep Running – a race where four well-known profiles in teams of two would compete to reach the top of a mountain in the shortest possible time. The location for the production was Åre, one of Sweden’s most visited ski resorts with remarkable nature such as high mountains, waterfalls and deep valleys. We wanted to highlight that New Balance Running Winter Collection is customized for the runner who will not be stopped by anything – not even the hard Nordic climate and its nature. 


As usual, we chose our profiles with great care and made sure that they were in line with New Balance’s global message – fearlessly independent. In this campaign, it featured skier Malou Petersen, outfluencer Adam Holm, elite gymnast Henrik Schröder and elite athlete Lovisa Lindh.

The race was presented in a content series on social media in three episodes. The series went live on New Balance social channels, the profiles social channels as well as Stadium’s social channels which were resellers for the campaign and the collection. 

We tagged all products with a buy link to Stadium’s webshop.