Client – Otovo installs solar cells for homes and companies in Norway and Sweden

Assignments   Advertising and production agency

Brief  The world faces big challenges when it comes to the environment and renewable energy going forward. Luckily there are companies like Otovo that help companies and individuals install solar cells, reduce their power costs, and save the environment. Otovo started in 2016 and quickly became the market leader in solar cells for homes in Norway. In 2018 they expanded into Sweden and chose SPLIT Stockholm to launch the brand in Sweden. The brief included creative production and media buying, both online and offline.

Solution  The Scandinavian market is already well aware of the environmental benefits of solar power, so we chose to focus on how easy Otovo is and on the economic benefits of solar power. In the films “There are easier ways” we get to know Lennart and his son Janne. Lennart is cheap and uses a few unreasonably complicated everyday tricks to keep costs down. What he doesn’t know (but the viewer understands) is that he could skip all his silly penny-pinching tricks and instead install Otovo’s solar cells and save thrice as much. The same message was communicated through banners which showcased everyday situations where people find all sorts of strange ways to save money, where they could instead save more in an easier way. With Otovo’s solar cells, for example.