Client – Rackit

Assignment – Design and implementation of new reseller portal and update on current website

Brief – Rackit is a Norwegian company that supplies and installs racks for your smart home solutions. They bring together alarms, automation, amplifiers, TV decoders, TV casts, and all traditional networking equipment into a smart and stylish networking cabinet in your home.

Rackit came to SPLIT Stockholm with a desire to update their website, both graphically and in terms of content. Rackit had an updated product catalog, new business areas and new customer segments and needed to update Rackit’s new profile accordingly.

Rackit also had a need for a reseller portal integrated with other business systems. The reseller portal could offer Rackit’s resellers the opportunity to order goods and services, register end customers, give end customers the opportunity to sign agreements and manage payments, and act as an order-entry portal for both resellers and internal sales.

Solution – To improve the user experience of the website, we did extensive UX/UI work to create a seamless experience from start to finish. We made it responsive and added necessary segments to optimize the customer experience as well as the brand communication. The website also got a simple facelift based on the current design.

The reseller portal was based on the idea that the resellers such as builders, technicians and carpenters easily could perform upsale towards their clients and also be able to administrate offers, subscriptions, invoices and delivery addresses. The administrative part of the portal gives the user a clear overview of all order history, retailers, suppliers and products and the possibility to edit them in a simple and effective way. We also developed the entire website and reseller portal from scratch and worked consistently with VISMA integrations, which in turn led to us being VISMA certified today. Overall, we created a solution that streamlined both the work for Rackit’s employees and gave the resellers and the end customer a simpler, clearer, and stronger brand experience.