Brief  Imagine an app where you can get help with diagnosis, prescription and a referral. For your dog! VetHem is a digital veterinarian that helps pet owners seek care for their animals directly via their mobiles. Besides veterinary care, VetHem offers pet owners the opportunity for better animal care with functions like photo documentation and reminders that help you stay in better control of your animals’ health. SPLIT Stockholm’s assignment was to design the app, both visually and UX-wise.


Solution After researching and talking with potential users and veterinarians we designed an easy-to-use app where clarity was one of the keywords. Because the brand’s basic idea is to have a veterinarian at home via the phone, the log followed the same thought. The brand’s basic idea is to provide at-home veterinary care via mobile phones, and the logo followed this concept. The cross has always symbolised health and care. We combined the cross with a house to symbolise “a vet at home”. Since the main direct competitor uses blue, we chose a green colour which is in line with the industry esthetic and which feels calming and trustworthy.

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