Brief — ZIZERA is a tech company that was founded to fill a gap in the market. So many companies use PDFs to present products, results, lookbooks etc. ZIZERA makes it possible to bring those PDFs to life by easily injecting interactive elements like clickable links, shopability, video and more. ZIZERA came to SPLIT Stockholm when they were ready to launch their new digital platform where marketing managers, designers, developers and others can easily transform static materials into engaging interactive content.

At the time, the ZIZERA brand was diffuse and confusing. SPLIT Stockholm’s assignment was to develop a new brand identity (including brand and tonality guidelines), build a website, create films presenting ZIZERA to the market, and collaborate on go-to-market strategy and execution.

Solution — In order to connect with the target audience, we wanted to highlight ZIZERA’s connection to creativity and inspiration. We also wanted to play with ZIZERA’s main concept of transforming something from one thing to another – from still to alive, from flat to moving – and this became the central idea of our visual design for ZIZERA.

The result is an original logo with a timeless feel. It denotes duality and transformation and breathes tech and innovation. And a brand identity that feels playful and friendly, but is balanced to connect to both creative and techier target audiences.